“Housing & A Place To Grow Is A Human Right”― An Orchestrated Plan

Wild Willpower has just released the following downloadable PDF files which explain everything we have to offer, what we’re working on, & how to get involved; our organization has grown much & we’re very grateful & working steadfast daily.  There will be several more PDFs uploaded within the week:

Several More PDFs are coming soon.  Below you will find much more content regarding “what we’re up to”.  We are currently seeking donations to move our organization forward & continue building The Wild Living Skills Database & Smartphone App.  Any support is greatly appreciated!  Thank you so much!

Our Fundraising Campaign

Our National Plan:

Our prime directive includes mapping & conveying a practical plan “to provide housing and healthy, ecologically-sustainable food supplies to all people” as part of a larger “universal human rights and resource relief” movement that:

We Hold The Following Truth To Be Self-Evident:

That all natural persons are endowed by their Creator with the unalienable right to “housing & a place to grow food”, as these are fundamental needs for basic survival.  Human dignity & actual freedom depend upon having these needs fulfilled.

Part 1:  Population & Housing Available:

1. Population Analysis:

There are 318.9 million people living in the U.S. (2014 Census), including 81 million families (averaging 3.13 family members per family), & therefore ~50,790,000 “others” (i.e. single adults, couples, orphaned children) (“The Statistics Portal).

Initial Assessment:

An estimated 131,790,000 total living spaces are required to house all families and all “others”.

2. Housing Analysis:

Owner-Occupied Households:

There are 73,991,995 owner-occupied households, containing 200,617,048 residents (National Multifamily Housing Council, 2016).

Initial Re-Assessment:

131,790,000 (total living spaces needed) minus 73,991,995 (owner-occupied households) = 57,798,005 total living spaces needed to house population.

Abandoned & Neglected Properties:

There are an estimated 10 million vacant & abandoned properties according to Office of Policy Development and Research (“PD&R”) of the
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (“HUD”).  “A vacant property becomes a problem when the property owner abandons the basic responsibilities of ownership, such as routine maintenance or mortgage and property tax payments.”

According to Amnesty International, USA, the numbers are higher:

Since 2007, banks have foreclosed around eight million homes, averaging 10,000 per month!  It is estimated that another eight to ten million homes will be foreclosed before the financial crisis is over.  This approach to resolving one part of the financial crisis means many, many families are living without adequate & secure housing.  In addition, approximately 3.5 million people in the U.S. are homeless, & many are veterans (1.35 million children, & 2.15 million adults- National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty, 2014).  It is worth noting that, at the same time, there are 18.5 million vacant homes in the country.” (Amnesty International, USA, Housing: It’s a Wonderful Right by TANUKA LOHA).

Which brings us to…

Housing Solution #1 of 3:

What Wild Willpower Proposes Should Be Done With “The Abandoned Properties”:

Authorize “The Homestead Subsidization Act”

Purpose:  To make “the process of making an adverse possession claim upon a physically abandoned & neglected property” a safe & simple process, & to administer uniformity in filing procedures throughout the States, Nation, & Local Governments.  To prevent neglected properties from becoming community hazards.  To provide housing to persons seeking to exercise their right to to homestead, & to “fix the nation’s crumbling domestic infrastructure” in a way which stabilizes & improves local food supplies.

California’s Adverse Possession Statutes, CODE OF CIVIL PROCEDURE SEC. 315-330

Summary:  Individuals may, upon request, receive a Declaration of Claim of Adverse PossessionForm from any Assessor’s Office or through the State website.  During initial filing, the Claimant is attesting that:

  1. The property they are filing on is physically abandoned and neglected.
  2. The Claimant is moving onto or has moved onto the property, that they are in lawful possession of the property, & that they intend to fulfill statutory requirements in order to successfully make an Adverse Possession claim.
  3. The Claimant will make improvements upon the property, cultivate the land, & pay property taxes in a timely manner.

Upon filing, an injunction is automatically applied to protect the Claimant’s estate, thus indicating to authorities that the Claimant is present on the property, that they’re in lawful possession, & that they’re in the process of fulfilling statutory requirements to perfect their claim.

Rebuilding The Domestic Infrastructure, Administering to The Housing Crisis; Touching Peoples’ Lives:

The Homestead Subsidization Act takes “Adverse Possession for the sake of Homesteading” a step further by authorizing Eminent Domain for use in “allocating all neglected properties specifically for this purpose” to persons seeking to “opt to homestead” via their local Human Resources Department.  U.S. Officials should be aware, sensitive to the fact, & helpful in that many U.S. Citizens are suffering as a direct result of the housing crises, coupled with ecological distresses of our times- from homeless people in destitute situations with “nowhere to legally grow food” to renters who are coping with rent hikes & being pushed out of their homes, to people who are behind on their mortgages.  Citizens have a right “to make an adverse claim upon an abandoned property for the purpose of homesteading” so that  is a guaranteed human right., & abandoned properties should be given to able-bodied adults fit & determined to improve & homestead these properties should owners refuse to protest in a timely manner, with intent to homestead.  Subsidies should be allocated to help Claimants to cover costs of basic improvements such as electrical, plumbing, foundation work, & other essentials needed to “bring the buildings up to code”.  All residences filed for in this manner are considered & legally protected as “homesteads“, & thus are protected from execution of foreclosure & forced sale so long as occupied as a home. Sustainability measures such as solar panels & other measures are to be subsidized as well via switching subsidies from natural gas, oil, & other forms of extractive industries over a period of time until “energy independence” throughout Towns, Cities, etc. is achieved.


57,798,005 (total living spaces needed) minus 18,500,000 (neglected properties used wisely) = 39,298,005 total living spaces needed to house population.

Orchestrating An “En Masse Homesteading Movement“:

A great deal of food can be produced using a small area of land!  For instance, one family grows 6000 pounds of food on only 1/10th of an acre every year!  To make it simple for people to get started on generating this type of abundance, our organization is producing Homesteading Starter Kits which include “native & heirloom seeds” and instructions for highly-efficient gardening techniques“- such as this “double planter technique” for yams & potatoes:

Potatoes 2 pots

[Special thanks to Humanosphere on Pinterest for sharing this great photo!]

Download the PDF &/or Sign & Share the Online Petition to authorize The Homestead Subsidization Act.

Lincoln Memorial Quote

[Quote from 1859 campaign speeches, Library of Congress website.]

2. Rental Housing Analysis:

There are 43,267,432 renter-occupied households, containing 110,175,847 residents (National Multifamily Housing Council, 2016), & 3,213,000 vacant rental units (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, 2016).  43,267,432 (renter-occupied households) plus 3,213,000 (vacant rental spaces) = 46,480,432 total rental living spaces available.

New Assessment:

46,480,432 (total rental living spaces) minus 39,298,005 (total living spaces needed to house population) = we have 7,182,427 more living spaces than is needed to house the U.S. population!

“Renter-occupied structures” include:

  • Single-Family Units:  15,194,827 structures with 47,652,188 residents living in them
  • 2 to 4 Units:  7,777,641 households, containing 19,008,529 residents.
  • 5 or More Units:  18,299,474 households, containing 37,831,895 residents.
  • Mobile Homes:  1,955,026
  • Other:  40,464

The vague “5 or More Units” category within the “Rental Households” section:

Rental building

The “5 or More Units” category also represents “rental towns” like Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village in New York City, where (in most cases) “all rental income is allocated to a single landowner” every month:

Stuyvesant Town rentals NY

[Above photo  use protected under First Amendment & Fair Use, from “Blackstone to Buy Manhattan’s Stuyvesant Town for $5.3 Billion” by ]

Examining “The Power Structure of Rent“:

Though many people haven’t given it a second thought, rental situations like those in the above photos are quite commonbut do these situations breed extreme wealth inequality?

Well, you may have heard that- on average- CEOs Earn ~355 times the amount of the average employee earns, while in fast food industries (& other places) wealth inequality is be even more divided:

Click to Enlarge:Bart worker pay bilboard

[Thank you The California Endowment for putting up the above billboard at the Cerrito Del Norte BART Station!]

“Wealth inequality” can appear even more obscene among rental situations:Vegans in History Rental Power Structure diagram

How The Above Scenarios Have Led to Gross Inequality in Land Ownership:

10% of the population currently owns 82 percent of the real estate (and 81 percent of the stocks and 88 percent of the bonds), & the top 5% of landowners [not five percent of the total population] own 75% of that land!

[Source:  The Land Lords: Some FactsNational Council of State Housing Agencies study, & Federal Reserve Bank data in Left Business Observer, April 3, 1996, p. 5]

How is This Even Possible?!?!

Well, according to Business Insider, 10 companies basically own nearly every major product on the market: 

Again, click to enlarge:

10 companies own everything

Which Brings Us To…

Statistics On Renters…

The Rental Class is Facing Real Hardships:

  • Half of all tenants nationwide pay more than 30 percent of their actual income in rent.  It’s considered the worst time in 36 years to be a renter in America- the highest cost burden recorded by Zillow since the real estate firm began tracking the figure in 1979.
  • One in every four renting households spends at least 50 cents of every dollar they earn on rent.

    [Source:  ThinkProgress.org]

  • Currently Tenants usually pay $500-$2000 per month in rent, while Property Owners tend to pay $500-$2000 per year in Property Taxes ( visit your local County Assessor’s office to research how much the annual fee for property taxes of your address costs).   Tenants currently are spend way too much for housing, & they don’t get to keep what they earn.  Because they pay everything they have for the cost of living- many will never qualify to purchase a home- thus becoming “rental slaves” for life.
  • There is no production of resources (no generation of GDP) through paying rent; the same money used to pay rent could instead be used to help families live sustainably & get ahead in life.  A “rent-dependent society” bogs ALL of us down & keeps us ALL from getting ahead- thus keeping our nation strapped in debt.
  • Landlords & Property Managers often create Arbitrary & Capricious rules & regulations which increase the cost of living for tenants by preventing them from living sustainably- growing food, composting, getting solar panels, improving building insulation, etc.  These typical & oppressive policies are destructive to the environment, ecosystems, & families in general, thereby forcing the family’s dependence upon the commercial system in a way which abrogates their access to Constitutional Common Law (which protects homesteading).

    Articles On The Burdens Tenants Are Enduring:

Practical Housing Solution #2 of 3:

  1. Eminent Domain All Rental Spaces

  2. Give Title Deeds to The Spaces To Tenants

  3. Re-Allocate “the $20 billion per year” we currently spend on Section 8 in order to “buy out landlords”


We useEminent Domain” in order to “Take All Rental Spaces” & “Give New Title Deeds to the Rental Spaces to the Tenants who inhabit those spaces” via “Re-Allocating the $20 Billion per Year (plus State and local subsidies) we currently spend via taxes in order to fund Section 8 in order to “Buy Out Landlords” so they’ll receive “the same amount they currently receive from rent for the next 20 years”.  This gives us a strategy “to reduce taxes by over $20 billion per year” in a way that won’t cause economic collapsewhereas currently there is no plan to get off our perpetual dependence on paying for Section 8, & the unsustainable living conditions that come with it.  Along with their “Title Deeds to their spaces”, Tenants  will receive a copy of their “Rights & Responsibilities” as new owners, (i.e. code compliance, property taxes, etc.) as society is allocated heirloom seeds & educational materials to help people “live sustainably & with great abundance” from wherever they’re at.  The money saved by tenants (from not paying rent) can be used to fix up their spaces & live sustainably.


[Mathew 5:5, photo graphic from “Militia of the Imaculata“]

Please download this Petition to collect signatures in your area &/or Sign & Share the Online Version of this Petition.

And Now, A Primer To…

Practical Housing Solution #3 of 3:

                1:  An Analysis of Population & Acreage;                    De-Bunking The “There’s Just Too Many People” Myth:

FDR acreage

[SOURCE: “G&G Interview: Olivia de Havilland“]

An Acre Per Family: Is It Ecologically Possible?

First, take a look at this map of the United States (or any country in the world)notice how towns & cities tend to be located next to rivers?  This is no coincidence.

Click to enlarge:
Map of US

Rivers provide water– used for the essential needs of civilizations.  All throughout history, great civilizations have begun along waterways.

There are over 250,000 rivers in the United States, consisting of “over 3.5 million miles of rivers and streams, covering an enormous & diverse landscape” according to the Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”).

The Math:

3.5 million miles converts to 2,240,000,000 acres alongside each river bank according to Google Convert.  Because there are two river banks, there are over 4,480,000,000 acres of land in total along America’s riversides.

4,480,000,000 (acres alongside major waterways) minus 81,000,000  (families in the U.S.) = 399,000,000 acres left over as wilderness if we were to (hypothetically) “give one acre of land, along a waterway, to every family in the U.S..  4,480,000,000 divided by 81,000,000 = 55.3.  Therefore, there would be approximately 54.3 acres of wilderness left in between each family’s homestead among such scenario- & that’s just along the major waterways.  Everything else would be open space!

Note: Measuring the exact length of a river is &, and the length can change over time. Many references cite different lengths for the same river- but generally the numbers aren’t too far off.

Map of Major Rivers & Lakes:


[Special thanks to MapsofWorld.com for the above map- click to view larger image]

To Be Clear:

Our organization’s plan is not to give “an  acre of land to every family along a major waterway”, however we did need to begin by addressing what has turned out to be a population myth.  It appears we have a sustainable population at this time so long as people choose to have 2-3 children per couple , and so long as we manage resources wisely.

Permaculture & Ethnobiology Combined;    An Historic Movement!

Soon we’ll broadcast how to harvest many delicious, industrially-viable products from the wilderness using Positive Impact Harvesting Techniques in order to “benefit the health of native ecosystems by way of harvest & by way of amount harvested”.   De-shellers, oil presses, grain mills, & other technologies combined with the use of highly-efficient (yes- even by today’s standards) traditional Native American processing techniques” will be broadcast to demonstrate a replicablerenewable, production-based resource management system which restores native ecosystems, prevents wildfires, and produces way more resources while exhausting way less time, energy, & resources (water!!) than our current methods of resource management undertake.

Note:  We’ll begin broadcasting how to process the following products following the acquisition of Our List of Needed Resources.

1.)  Highly-Nutritious Acorn Flour & Oil

3 Different Species of Acorn Nuts:

3 acorns

2.)  Buckeye Nut flour

  • Caution!  Buckeye nuts are poisonous when eaten raw due to the chemical aesculin present throughout the tree!
  • Buckeye nut flour has been a mainstay food for people around the world for hundreds of years, & can be processed into a highly-nutritious, starchy flour similar to potato flour.
  • Buckeye trees produce 4.4 tons of nuts per acre!
  • Buckeye nuts are much larger than most nuts currently sold on the U.S. market.  An abundant local food source!

California Buckeye Nut:

Buckeye nut

3.)  Pine nuts, pollen, & oil


  • Currently pine nuts are generally shipped in from China or Russia when found in markets, however many very large pine nuts can be found growing from grow coast-to-coast throughout the U.S.
  • Nuts edible raw or toasted, and can be pressed for oil.

Pine Nuts:

Pine Nuts


  • The pollen from the catkins contains 30% its weight in protein as well as a wide variety of minerals & nutrients, & was traditionally harvested as a food source by both Native Americans and Indo-Europeans prior to the expanse of the Holy Roman Empire.  The pollen can be harvested in spring.

Pine Pollen Being Shaken Out of the Catkin:

Pine Pollen

4.)  Sycamore Syrup

  • similar to maple syrup, but tastes more like butterscotch & honey.
  • Just like Maple syrup, Sycamores make yummy syrup without even harming the tree.  Its “the west coast syrup”!!

Palmate Sycamore Leaves & Globose Seed Pods:

Sycamore Seed Pods

We’ll also broadcast how to produce many other products using techniques found in our first major publication (available as soon as we attain these resources), called More Valuable Than Gold written by former U.S. Army Ethnobotany & Wilderness Survival Instructor dedicated lifelong teacher Richard Lonewolf, & photographed, produced, & with forward written by Wild Willpower‘s founder & former longtime student, Alexandra “Distance Everheart” Wilson:

Click to read preview pages:

Latest Book Cover ad

We’ll be broadcasting via this websiteour original publications, & also via a new & amazing piece of technology called The Wild Living Skills Database & Smartphone App (in-the-making, resources required), which will soon enable people to

  • identify plants, trees, mushrooms, & other biological organisms within less than 5 simple questions- the website is being designed to co-process the user’s GPS location, elevation, & the time of year in order to narrow down search results starting at the beginning of the search.  Also includes “touch-&-view glossary terms with photos(rollover-&-view for desktop computers).
  • learn step-by-step how to process each species for its traditional edible, medicinal, & utility (soap, rope, wax, toothpaste,, mouthwash, etc. etc. etc.) uses.
  • watch videos of Native American teachers, mycologists, lichen specialistsother ethnobiologal experts to share otherwise “lost knowledge” with the world– such as this one from Richard Lonewolf Survival School:

Please take a moment to learn all about this very important piece of new technology:

The Wild Living Skills Database & Smartphone App.

Once we have broadcast how to combine these Permaculture & Ethnobiology techniques, our model can be replicated & improved upon to establish:

Practical Housing Solution #3 of 3:

Land Grants & Initial Starting Resources to Be Issued to Productive, Eco-Wise Homesteaders & Sustainable Living Projects

& Also:

Petition #3:  Modeled after Civilian Conservation Corps., “Civilian Restoration Corps.” is also a “public works program” designed to create millions of jobs to pay people to plant “free food & herbal medicine everywhere” throughout towns & cities of all sizes using “permaculture techniques from around the world”.  This is a plan to rebuild America as sustainable & thriving as possible from coast to coast.  THIS is “the plan” to get from a scarcity-driven society TO a society that is enabled via having access to an abundant, package-free, organic food supply “growing throughout the cities”.

Download a PDF of This Petition &/or Sign & Share the Online Petition to authorize Civilian Restoration Corps.

Summary of Public Resources We’re Producing:

What’s Up With The Nationalism???

We’re helping to restore the knowledge of true American Common Law, because the more people learn about Common Law– the better your life and the lives of people around you will become- and the healthier this planet will become for future generations who will look back to ours & say, “They finally did it.  They stepped up against all odds in order to come together & replace wars with putting ‘food, housing, & healthcare for all’ first.”

Glossy Acorn Card

Have you ever wondered what the “big secret” is that keeps some people “in the know” & able to *get* whatever resources they wantwhile others struggle working day in & day just to make ends meet… barely?  Well- we’re “letting the ‘legal cat’ out of the bag“: you don’t need to be a business owner, a lawyer, or a high-industry web developer to be able to afford some things in which all people need & inherently are due- land, housing, & basic necessities to be able to live a productive life.  If you’re seeking to find a home without the need to have to come up with monthly rent or mortgage– if you require land to grow food & herbal medicine upon to feed yourself, your family, & also to share with others- if you need a home so that you have a place to lay your head at night- then congratulations because that is the exact reason we built Wild Willpower– so you can be allocated the “land & resources” you require to be able to homestead a tenable piece of land to finally call your own; it is a matter of “learning vital information” so that this researched, orchestrated movement can be done in a socially AND ecologically beneficial way, & then “taking it through the Court” among our “Redress of Grievances.


First Thing’s First:

    If everyone were to simply “go out into the woods to stake their claims”, most land would be eaten up so fast it would cause irreversible damage to native ecosystems- so its essential that this movement is brought together thoughtfully & carefully by spreading knowledge, & then by “universalizing access”.  Anyone who has read American history knows about the unconstitutional, atrocious crimes that were done & unfortunately still are done (in places) to Native Americans including murder, genocide, & land theft- but (to present a relevant analogy) we’re an organization who sees America as being founded on freeing the slaves- not founded upon slavery itself; slavery was carried over, abolished, & we are in a young nation among many much older Native American nations, & we have healing, reconciliation,  & work to do; with guiding principles of truth & justice& liberty  for all- our nation is founded on trying to make things right– one precedent at a time- long live The Preamble!

1 Preamble

[A sincere “thank you” to Minnesota Public Schools for the above graphic of The Preamble of The Constitution of United States!]

A bit about our organization:

We’re “a peaceable assembly of civilians” operating without prejudice in regard & in accordance to The First Amendment of The Constitution of The United States; we’re working to help the people as best we know how, & the lines are open because you’re part of this movementwe’re not an “ignore you organization”! 

We’re currently located in Fairfax, California, engaged in “finding a land space & home to homestead” from where we can model the movement, print & disseminate our publications and the homesteading starter kits, & continue to build the websites and upcoming “history of civil law & civil rights self-help” almanac which is mostly finished.  We also currently have several boxes of acorns, as well as an amazing de-sheller & oil press, & we’re looking forward to not only processing them into flour & oil, but also broadcasting how to do so via both this website and www.WildLivingSkills.org in order to help orchestrate the movement asap.

We currently plan to  soon file our registration packet which just arrived from the Federal Elections Commission we’re planning to officially register as America’s first Civil PAC.  Our greatest need as an organization- besides land where we can homestead in order to produce a great deal of wild edibles, oils, herbs, & broadcast plenty of educational footage & publications. We would prefer an energy-efficient vehicle- a RAV4perhaps, due to energy efficiency & size for hauling gear & books, etc..  We also require a commercial printer in order print publications & get them out to as many people as possible in order to broadcast “the education & plan”.  We would like to have our work seen as a gift to help humanity “out-abundance the scarcity” we’ve all been living in for too long.  We’re seeking passionate people who have read through the websites (described below) & who are passionate & wise people who have read through everything & also in witness to the value of this work being as well-orchestrated as possible to help streamline it beautifully & smoothly.  Please email Distance@WildWillpower.org to connect.


  • “More Valuable Than Gold”:  180 page (240 color photos) ethnobotany & traditional Native American daily life skills textbook written by Cherokee elder & former U.S. Army Survival Instructor Richard “Lonewolf” Legan.
  • “New American Dream”: how to lawfully claim a physically abandoned & neglected property for the purpose of homesteading.
  • “The History of Civil Law”:  world & American history traced back to “the birth of the economic system” through the rise & fall of Rome which led to the development of the the civil (rights) law system- takes reader through the American revolution to “Civil Rights Self Defense” in the federal judiciary. 

Online Resources:

  • www.ReUniteTheStates.org:  “The Public Intelligence Agency(also in-the-making) teaches world & American history through a “lens” which has never been broadcast with such focus- includes a growing section on “Civil Rights Self Defense“, & much more useful information being compiled to not only raise awareness of how the system operates, but also to raise appreciation for the concept of “universal human rights”, & “the struggle of our ancestors” to help design such a complex & hard-fought, intelligently-designed system that has basically been corrupted due to lack of knowledge in the general sector- this site seeks to help remedy that by becoming a credible source of information brought together in such a way that it can be more easily understood to help The People as a First Amendment activity.
  • www.TribalLivingSpaces.org: a plan for “native animal sanctuaries” & “tribal living spaces” merged among newly-designated “non-commerciable zones” primarily along the Pacific Crest Trail, Appalachian Trail, & Continental Divide Trail.  For both Hunter/Gatherer andWild Vegan Villages“.
  • www.KernRiverCoop.com:  For many years we’ve been working to create “the first wildharvesting cooperative in the country” in order to model a renewable, productionbased economy that prevents wildfires.  Kern River Wildharvesting Cooperative is an easily replicable plan to help the economy in a way which preserves & honors the native ecosystems (i.e. National Forests & Parks, State ParksWildlife Refuges, etc. etc. etc.).  “Positive-Impact Harvesting Techniques” are designed to ensure that the health of ecosystems is benefited by way of harvest; unfortunately Kern River Wildharvesting Cooperative was recently sabotaged by several men who had sworn to uphold the positions of Kern County Sheriff’s Deputies in the manner that is Constitutionally prescribed by law, but who did not.


    On 5-11-2016, the founders of Wild Willpower, Alexandra Wilson & Kevin Byrd, were illegally removed from their home by approximately 5 Kern County Sheriff’s Deputies who violated our First, 4th, 5th, & 14th Amendment rights, as well as CALIFORNIA STATE PENAL CODES 141 (“taking digital evidence from a civilian in order to fraudulently represent the footage as ‘evidence’ against them”), 146 (“unlawful removal of persons from lands in which they lawfully possess”), & 602 (“trespassing”).  We have since filed an affidavit for a Citizen’s Arrest on the officers, & publicly released the affidavit as a free downloadable “book” called “New American Dream”; please read the full story & follow the case here.

Mix of Heirlooms

We’re a We-The-People-movement focused on building a bridge to help society transition from “an ecologically-destructive, socially unjust way of living” to “a sustainable, highly-abundant way of living”.

Let’s Live Better.

If able please consider offering a campaign contribution or becoming a monthly sponsor by emailing Distance@WildWillpower.org.  We’re working a fulltime job on these projects with very little income currently, & are in need of a greater level of support than we have been getting.  Thank you so much!

Here Are Some Other Ways To Get involved


Buckey livingry

A very special thank you to WaldenLabs.com for assembling the above commemorative graphic of Buckminster Fuller that we’re using under Fair Use to help convey our “internationally-beneficial national plan”.

www.WildWillpower.org, & all our project websites, publications, broadcasts, & native seed packets, are being peaceably assembled as modes of First Amendment expression All content throughout these sites are solely owned by Wild Willpower PAC.  The content throughout these sites is being made available for educational purposes to help provide people with vital knowledge among an important plan that will save livesEveryone working to make Wild Willpower as good as it can be has a stake in making sure this ancient & sacred knowledge of all our ancestors is not being used in such a way which exploits people, animals, or natural resources, & we are seeking to work in collaboration with teachers & developers in a way which serves them as well as the public as best possible- that is why your support is so important– so we can take care of those who are working diligently to bring Wild Willpower to you.


Wild Willpower

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