An Unprecedented Plan, and the New Technology Which Makes This Possible

Part 1:  Getting Vital, Ancient Knowledge Back to the People, & Supporting Those Who Are Making This Possible:

First off- in case you don’t realize this yet– here in The United States of America we’re surrounded by a great abundance of wild food and herbal medicine literally dripping from the plants and trees all throughout National Forests, National Parks, National Seashores, Wildlife Preserves, State Parks, BLM Lands, Recreational Parks, Regional Parks, backyardsand growing up from between sidewalk cracks all throughout the nation- millions & millions and millions of acres of food & herbal medicine THAT– if managed wisely via being harvested in an ecologically-restorative way— is capable of greatly alleviating resource scarcity around the world without compromising the health & abundance of the wildlands whatsoever.  Its all about knowing what resources are really available, & then managing resources wisely from there.

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How Do We Provide “More Than Enough to Feed The World” Without Depleting The Earth’s Resources?

Native seed packets, in addition to ancient gardening techniques, can be used  alongsidewildharvesting what is already growing” in order to garner great abundance for society within only a few short years.  That will result in:

  • Less work expended in order to feed your family.
  • Less water expenditure for society’s crop needs.
  • A healthier, more abundant food supply that is not wrapped in garbage.

Wild Willpower is in the process of modeling how this can all be done using the societal construct we have in place– stay tuned for plenty of new footage and additional publications currently in-the-making!  We’re located at “Earth Church” in Lake Isabella, California.

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Part 2: Resources We’ve Developed:

First off, Wild Willpower & Richard Lonewolf Survival School are happy to announce that we just released this new 180 page ethnobotany & ancient tribal living skills textbook by Cherokee Wilderness Survival Expert Richard Lonewolf and one of his longtime students, founder of Wild Willpower, Reverend Distance Everheart- Ladies & Gentlemen–

More Valuable Than Gold:

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Websites We’ve Developed:

  • (this website):  The “Navigation Portal” for the latest on all of Wild Willpower’s projects & plans

  •  Home Page for Kern River Wildharvesting Cooperative

  •  Home page for Richard Lonewolf Survival School

And Now…

Time to present The New Technology!

(in-the-making, but really amazing & useful)

Please take a moment to explore:

The Wild Living Skills Database & Smartphone App!

Part 3:  Upcoming Developments:

Part 4: Ways to Get Involved:

Lastly, there’s only one way to make all this happen, & is with some good old-fashioned grassroots effort from people who believe in this mission as much as we do.

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Also Available from Wild Willpower:

Wild Willpower PAC is producing some important publications to help humanity:

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Upcoming Publications:

American Destiny; The People v. The 50 States”; a user-friendly “history & law almanac” which covers “the birth of the economic system” from its archaeological origins all the way “through the birth of America to modern day”.  People of all cultures are going to absolutely love this useful book!  A real treasure in-the-making.(Spring 2016)

The Knowledge of Your Ancestors; Edible, Medicinal, & Utility Uses of Wild North American Plants, Shrubs, Trees, Vines, & Other Wild Living Skills“; the highly-informative sequel to More Valuable Than Gold.  (Spring 2016)


Campaign Contributions help us to continue progressing the plan:


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Please Also Visit Our Exciting “Project Websites”:  Home page of Kern River Wildharvesting Cooperative  Home page of Richard Lonewolf Survival School  The Wild Living Skills Database & Smartphone App (in-the-making)  History & Civil Law explained. (in-making)  “Native Animal Sanctuaries & Tribal Living Spaces, Merged” (for hunter/gatherers AND druid/vegans)

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