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Freedom, Meet Abundance & our project websites have been peaceably assembled in order to bring an emergency plan to Californians concerning the immediate drought & wildfire crises we’re currently faced with- we need to fix our food supply asap, & this plan should help us all “get on the same page”; it will be easy to replicate all throughout the nation once its been filmed.  

Our growing team is ready to help orchestrate an en masse wildharvest of acornsCalifornia Buckeye nuts, AND pine nuts THIS YEAR in & around the Sequoia National Forest near Lake Isabella with the help of the following industrial equipment to begin pumping out a large emergency, drought-tolerant food supply using ecologically-restorative “Positive-Impact Harvesting Techniques” as well as wildfire-preventing “Native American Wildfire Prevention Techniques“:

This industrial huller by Jessee Manufacturing will help us de-shell 500 pounds of nuts in only an hour (manufactured in Chico, California):

Mini Huller-Sheller

 This high-powered grain mill by ABC will help turn the acorns into flour, & can be used on a slough of wild grains that are available in the state (manufactured in Pleasant Hill, California):

ABC Universal Grain Mill by Pleasant Hill GrainThis professional-quality oil press by Kern (manufactured in Bellingham, Washington) will primarily be used to make buttery-flavoured acorn oil, & also pine nut oil- there will likely be countless other applications as well:

KERN KK40 Oil Press ,000

Here are some photos of what we plan to harvest (click the photos to be taken to websites about them), followed by more parts of this important & vital plan!

9 Kinds of Acorn Flour!

3 acorns

   According to, acorn flour contains half the daily value of protein (blue bars on left), AND all 9 essential amino acids (chart on right)!  Acorns also contain calcium, manganese, copper, potassium, & fair levels of vitamins B & F!


California Buckeye Nuts!

california buckeye nut picture perfect

   Something amazing about the California Buckeye nut is how big they are compared to smaller nuts that are often shipped from far away- cashews, brazil nuts, etc.!  They are poisonous raw due to the chemical aesculin that is in them- but for thousands of years they provided a highly-nutritious, starchy flour for Native Americans throughout the West Coast once they were processed.  Harvesting these & planting more as we go means producing a great amount of food with little work compared to gardening from scratch!

Pine Nuts:

pine nuts on plate

Pine nuts in the U.S. are currently being shipped in from Russia & China even though Pine Trees grow all throughout the nation.  Thank you Which? Conversation for this picture of pine nuts!

  Many of the foods we plan to harvest won’t be ready to harvest until spring- but we’ll explain some of those later in the tour!  

To help train wildharvesters, we are fortunate enough to have some very special teachers- AND we are hoping to attract other teachers as we progress to help amplify the efforts!  

One of the teachers that is with us is U.S. Armed Forces WIlderness Survival Instructor & Tsalagi Native American WIld Living Skills Specialist & Traditional Medicine Man, Richard “Lonewolf” Legan:

We are also blessed to have the assistance of his younger brother, Randall “White Feather” (shown with the talented & wise Kiki LiSeed):

white feather & kiki

 Also amongst our (growing) team is the author, designer, & photographer of this website AND our project websitesAlexandra “Distance Everheart” Wilson; you’ll find me all throughout this video I recently produced which covers a slough of topics & has some humorous moments embedded throughout as well:

I’ve been putting a webpage with native plant seeds that can be purchased through so that we may begin implementing drought-tolerant Native Food Gardens throughout urban areas ASAP (L.A., Bakersfield, San Jose, +++) as PART of a “zero-water food solution which requires very little gardening work”; some of the plants include:

Red Desert Rice {Achnatherum hymnodies}  (yes- RICE that requires BARELY ANY WATER AND is *native* here!!!)

red desert rice achnatherum hymenoides

Something REALLY amazing BESDES this being a drought-tolerant rice crop (unheard of- right!?) is that… (drum roll)… it grows native in over half of the continental United States!

where red desert rice grows

Golden Chia Seeds {Salvia columbaria}

Chia gel GOOD for site

    Chia seeds are very high in protein & omega-3, & also calcium & antioxidants!  Here is a video of Lonewolf teaching about these important survival foods:

As the wild skills specialists are training the teams & everyone gets geared up properly (see Cashmere for the Homeless AND expert-recommended wilderness survival equipment)- everything will be filmed, & then embedded throughout the highly-advanced, yet simple-to-use ‘Wild Living Skills Database & Smartphone App‘ that is currently in-the-making on!  

More about this amazing new piece of technology in just a moment- but first I just want to show you this petition so that once you’re done reading you can come back & sign it so that we can get this *list of needed resources* so that we may get started ASAP:

  The construct on is being developed into a simple-to-use, highly-advanced website & smartphone app that will help people:

1.) identify biological organisms (plants, shrubs, trees, lichensmushrooms, grasses, & more) quicker than ever within only ~5  simple questions (by co-processing the user’s GPS, time-of-year, & elevation).  Touch-&-view glossary terms with pictures will greatly expedite & simplify the species identification process compared to books as well.  (Desktop computers will feature rollover-&-view glossary terms with pictures.)

2.) learn step-by-step instructions with photographs for processing each species for their traditional food, utility, & medicinal uses (Native American skills, generally), as well as firsthand video footage with professionals- & also expert mycologists (mushroom specialists) & Lichen Wizards- such as co-founder & longtime President of The California Lichen SocietyBill Hill:

Lichen Wizard

3.) learn ecologically-restorative “Positive-Impact Harvesting Techniques” for every species so that ecosystems see benefit rather than detriment as a result of harvesting.  Our goals include the legalization of these techniques for use throughout public wildlands, & to have them eventually seen as a universally-accepted, ecologically AND socially responsible way for accessing resources; no permits required. 

4.) coordinate with forest officials in order to legally bring wildharvested goods from public wildlands to markets (Cooperative business models only) & also to allow “Peaceable Assemblies” to harvest *to benefit all*.

5.) learn a plethora of highly-efficient “wild living skills” used by Native American people for thousands of years.  Skills include extremely low-fuel “ancestral cooking techniques” (rock boilingsteam pits, keyhole lays, 3-rock techniques, +++), water location, recover, & purification, shelter building, wild animal communicationprocuring fallen animals, & animal-free alternatives (for vegans), & much more coming asap.  This tool can be seen as “the combined skills of all our ancestors”, which is why it will always remain free to users.  

6.) locate any of Wild Willpower’s Bright Green Sponsors that are nearby, & receive a discount or special offer that is only available via  (These can be found on the map on the front page of the site.)

7.) explore our GPS-responsive Resource Directory to find nearby Private Instructors, Biological Societies, Ecological Restoration & Recovery Projects, Conservation Groups, & Native American Nations.  (Add YOUR organization to the directory!)

Wild Willpower Business Card GREEN

  We plan to train the initial team to begin wildharvesting & wildfire-preventing asap among the high deserts of the southern Sequoia National Forestjust north of the Mojave (National Preserve):

map of isabella

   Lake Isabella, California is 2 1/2 hours north of Los Angeles & 5 hours south of Sacramento, about 45 minutes northeast of Bakersfield along Highway 178.

Kern County is an ideal place to begin learning such skills AND to teach others these skills because all 5 botanical regions in California merge there; there is also sandy ground so the roots dig up easy, short migration trails thanks to quick elevation changes, & the plants & trees are nicely spaced out from one another- so there is no need to “stay on the trail” like in overgrown forests. 

Coordinating with Forest Officials

After filing a Special Use Permit with the Sequoia National Forest Service Officials requesting to legally set up camps using Encampment Preparation Wildfire Prevention Techniques, as well as a Special Forest Product Permit in order to legally harvest acorns, California buckeye nuts, pine nuts, pine & cattail pollen, red desert rice, golden chia seeds & flax seeds, yerba manza roots, elder flowers & berries, & more using Positive-Impact Harvesting Techniques (NOTE:  Permits cost $ 20 for every 300 lbs. of raw material collected; 1/3 will be left for wildlife under each tree, & ceremonial trees will be planted in gratitude for the harvest.), we then plan to process these goods right there in the wilderness to make available at the local Nuui Cunni Farmers Market as well as to any Bright Green Sponsors we may have by then.

   Encampment Preparation Wildfire Prevention Techniques & Positive-Impact Harvesting Techniques help forest officials, Wildharvesting Cooperative employees, & community members to all “get on the same page” about “what’s happening out there in those woods!

Everything we produce will only be made available in bulk (preferably) or biodegradable packaging in support of The Zero-Trash Commitment in loving memory of the beloved SJSU Professor Frank Schiavo AND for the sake of a better future:

To ensure that things will operate smoothly using the commercial model we’re all familiar with- Wild Willpower will be helping to train the initial team into America’ s first “Wildharvesting Cooperative”.  The Wildharvesting Cooperative business model is one of egalitarianism, & is designed with “greatest public benefit” at it’s core; the model in no way leaves room for the possibility of an oligarchy to form amongst its structure.  CEOs in the United States earned an average of 354 times the average worker in 2013; the cooperative business model eliminates the need for a CEO, & thus that same money instead becomes equilaterally distributed amongst the employees- this helps entire communities to prosper!

Sitting Bull put minds together

 Thank you Pinner for this wonderful Sitting Bull commemorative quote!

Because the above process will be filmed & embedded throughout our websites (along with much more content as well), other communities will be able to replicate this process within the coming year.  Our intention is to then connect more teachers with more Wildharvesting Cooperatives- & to make the process of doing all this as simple as possible for everyone.  Wildharvesting Cooperatives have a “safety valve” attached to them as well-  employees may at any time call a motion to perform a popular vote amongst the members in order to decide whether or not to transform the operation into a “peaceable assembly” should the employees deem it necessary or worthwhile.

Big Fiscal Impact, with Freedom Intact

Wild Willpower’s team is ready to begin teaching the skills necessary to begin an en masse wild harvest this year in Kern County; we believe that this will contribute greatly to the community- protecting homes from wildfires & getting people outdoors & having fun & learning while providing very valuable goods & revitalizing the ecosystems simultaneously.  Because wildharvesting requires little planting, watering, or weeding compared to permaculture, & no pesticides, fungicides, or fertilizers as with industrial agriculture, in only a few short years the United States could be on track to exhibiting a lasting, production-based economy that actually restores & revitalizes native ecosystems within its wake!


Special thanks to Starfish Intitiatives for the beautiful above graphic!

  This model for acquiring resources for the marketplaces also honours the personal rights of individuals (& peaceable assemblies!) to harvest noncommercially while safeguarding against the exploitation of ecosystems by both individuals & companies.

native give me knowledge

   Thank you for this wonderful graphic & remembered wisdom!

What is a ‘Peaceable Assembly’?

Peaceable Assemblies are noncommercial factions of individuals- with Constitutional rights, privileges & immunities assumed; peaceable assemblies do not operate under the Uniform Commercial Code, & thus are protected against being governed in commercial courts under Constitutional Law.  Another benefit of forming a Peaceable Assembly is that they are untaxable under The First Amendment1976 Supreme Court ruling, Buckley v. Valeo:

Buckley v Valeo money is speech reg

Peaceable assemblies are also capable of initiating a “redress of grievances” (“to obtain satisfaction in restitution for injuries sustained”); this allows them to challenge & overturn unconstitutional statutes OR acts of congress- something few organization ‘types’ have the legal authority to be able to do.  Peaceable assemblies actually have variety of tools that they would not have access to if they were  registered as nonprofit organizations because then they would be regulated under the UCC & thus be governed in commercial court rather than solely under The Supreme Court; all rights assumed.

kennedy quote

Thank you dearly, Red vs. Blue, for this wonderful commemorative graphic!

   With the aid of industrial hullers, grain mills, oil presses, & other modern amenities- we will soon produce an abundant, drought-resistent & healthy food supply!

So ONE MORE THING before moving to the next part of the tour- please don’t forget to sign the petition so we may get the above plan underway!

This tour now continues into a very different realm on the front page of

OurLandsToo BIZ front

Special Thanks to The Following for their Academic Contributions:

Starfish Initiatives on Buckminster Fuller quote:

Red vs. Blue on John F. Kennedy quote: & our project websites are “peaceable assemblies of information (etc.)” that have been “peaceably assembled” by a “peaceable assembly of civilians”, & all donations are tax-deductible as protected under The First Amendment & Buckley v. Valeo.

Beautiful Things!

Above: Video from the Cashmere for the Homeless section of this website- also on the Decriminalize Poverty section of one of our project

   Below are several more videos, with links to their respective sections that help bring them into context.  Wild Willpower umbrellas several topics with a unique, hopeful, & strategic set of plans to enable a better future for everyone.  There’s no bureaucracy or red tape- just people helping people.


   Video from “Samaritans of the U.S.A.” under the Very Special Thanks section of this website:


   Tsalagi Native American ancestral wilderness life skills instructor Richard Lonewolf sharing his 60th birthday wish with humanity from our List of Needed Resources section:


   Here’s the video that Kevin Byrd & Distance put together for our “Wildharvesting Cooperatives Across America!” Indiegogo Campaign  earlier this year (2104).  Unfortunately, the campaign was interrupted, so we our plan has not yet been able to move forward:


   As mentioned just above- the campaign was interrupted;  the following video shows one of two videos where Grass Valley, California police cited Distance with “Panhandling” & “Soliciting” for using The First Amendment to promote the national plan here on  She edited the following footage she filmed with the officers & inserted United States Code where it had been violated by the officers for use in a pre-trial “Pack the Courtroom!” documentary, & then formed a more finalized version of this video that was uploaded on 9-19-14, seen here:

Contact to join forces or help support the cause.  Thank you!