California’s New “Drought-Tolerant Plan” Prevents Wildfires, Improves the Food Supply, Revitalizes the Economy, & Will Save Peoples’ Lives:

Why this is an Emergency:

Summary of Plan:

U.S. Army Vietnam & Cold War Era Veteran & Cherokee Elder Richard Lonewolffounder & CEO of Richard Lonewolf Survival School& assistants will be teaching “the nation’s first wildharvesting cooperative”, Kern River Wildharvesting Cooperative, how to set up camp using encampment preparation wildfire prevention techniques” before training the team to live & thrive healthfully among The Sequoia National Forest using ecologically-restorative harvesting techniques & many other wilderness survival skills in order to bring a myriad of “drought-tolerant native foods & herbal medicines” to markets & begin fixing the California State economy; this first-of-its-kind-event will be filmed, & the process embedded throughout an evolutionary piece of new technology,

The Wild Living Skills Database & Smartphone App,

which will soon teach people everywhere this vital, ancient knowledge AND communities everywhere how to come together & form their very own “WIldharvesting Cooperative”; this will kickstart

The “Wildharvesting Cooperatives Across America!” Movement.

This “database & app” is being designed to co-process the user’s GPS, time-of-year, & elevation so anyone can identify nearly any biological organism on the planet to-the-species (i.e. plantshrubtree, moss, mushroomlichen, grass, alga, mold, etc.) in only about 5 simple questions!

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Okay, So I’ve Identified This Tree; Now What?!

Once a species has been identified, you’l be able to learn from books AND firsthand video footage of Tribal Experts showing & explaining step-by-step “how to process plants & trees step-by-step for their edible, utility, & medicinal uses(well-paid experts, sponsored  footage), as well as any federally-recognized Positive-Impact Harvesting Techniques” that may be associated with that species.  There are many other ancient, highly-energy-efficient skills being mapped throughout as well.

Here’s a scene from The Forgotten Abundance of America’s Wildlands“, the new “DVD & Field Guide” released by Richard Lonewolf Survival School & Wild Willpower earlier last year:

The first book to be featured throughout so that people may purchase the book & unlock the pages also helped to “build the foundation” for the site: we are humbled to presenthot off the press full of useful knowledge:

(very important information in this book, click photo for previews)

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Summary of Plan Continued:

2.)  After the training, Kern River Wildharvesting Cooperative will have the skills necessary to be able to use highly-efficient industrial equipment & begin bringing a wide variety of drought-tolerant native foods & herbal medicines” to markets & farmer’s markets (bulk sections & planet considerate packaging only) while expending very little energy & using very little water in the process; wildharvesters will also be harvesting drought-tolerant native seeds which will be made available & especially to Civilian Restoration Co.Kern River Wildharvesting Cooperative is about to model what an ecologically-beneficial production-based economy looks like AND its all being made possible thanks to the life’s work of Kern River Valley natives Richard Lonewolf & Randy White Feather (we’re currently fundraising for the school!).

3.)  People everywhere can learn to form their own wildharvesting cooperative using, identify what is growing in their area, learn to process “plants & trees” for their “edible, utility, & medicinal uses”, learn “Positive-Impact Harvesting Techniques” associated with each species, & then coordinate with nearby forest & park officials to perform federally-approved wildharvests; this process will be the birth of

The “Wildharvesting Cooperatives Across America!” Campaign.

This plan averts disaster AND:

  • California taxpayers will save millions of dollars each year in wildfire-fighting expenses because “Wildharvesting Cooperatives” will be using “Encampment Preparation Wildfire-Prevention Techniques” prior to each harvest season.
  • the “loss of firefighting jobs” will be replaced with production-based “Wildharvesting Jobs“, which will generate revenue for the State instead of creating expenses!
  • models a plan which may be replicated to develop “publicly-beneficial”, “tribally, ecologically, & socially-respective” economies nearly anywhere.

Help Promote The Campaign:

This plan begins by getting vital knowledge & “the plan itself” out to as many people as possible for both public safety AND survival purposes; we must use “the system & tools we have in place” to streamline it & make it accessible to everyone so that society won’t be forced to enter into “emergency survival mode” because we weren’t prepared and so that we don’t violate copyright laws in the process of getting this knowledge out there.

First, the fastest & most effective way to make this happen ASAP is to

Contact Your Local Representative

via both phone AND email, & tell them:

Provide funding for The “Wildharvesting Cooperatives Across America!” Campaign as seen on ASAP; this is a survival AND public safety issue.

We’ve also assembled the following PDF handout to help get the word out; please print off copies & hand them out to people so we can get the funding necessary to begin ASAP:

Download the 8 1/2″ x 11″ Wildharvesting Campaign Handout

The “Wildharvesting Cooperatives Across America!” Campaign will also make this second very powerful campaign possible which “brings the movement/safety plan” to people in urban areas (getting homeless people from shelters, for instance, paid to plant “drought-tolerant native food gardens” throughout urban areas, etc.):

The “Outgrow The Economy!” Campaign

We need a grant total of $440,000 in order to make everything described above begin happening immediately.  

There are many ways besides donating to

Get Involved to Help Make This Happen.


was built for U.S. Army Vietnam & Cold War Era Veteran Richard Lonewolf by a longtime student of his who also photographed, co-authored, & published their new book; she’s the “Campaign Organizer” of WIld Willpower PAC, Alexandra “Distance Everheart” Wilson.

A Letter from Richard Lonewolf to the World.



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