Real Housing Solutions, An En Masse Homesteading Movement, & An Ethnobiology & Wilderness Survival Smartphone App


For many years Wild Willpower PAC has been working to create “the first wildharvesting cooperative in the country” in order to model a renewable, production-based economy that prevents wildfires.  We designed Kern River Wildharvesting Cooperative in order to model an easily replicable plan to help the economy and the ecology- we’re really excited about this plan so please look closely at & consider that this model CAN be replicated & retrofitted to your local ecosystem; however our work was interrupted:

Wild Willpower’s founders, “Wild Willpower PAC(Kevin & Distance) had been living at 2232 Commercial Ave. in Lake Isabella, California since August 2015 after having documented & built 3 organizations for the area after 12 years of ethnobotanical & cultural studies in the area.  

On 5-11-2016 Kevin & Distance were illegally removed from their home by approximately 5 Kern Sheriff’s Deputies & a housing inspector; since that time Distance has written

Her Testimony

regarding “what happened” & “what the couple is due in restitution according to the law & to what is right & just in this situation”; there are also a couple other “list of reasonable demands” within the Redress of Grievances as well, such as “new protocol for officers facing similar situations”, “camcorders on officers”, & a couple other similar upgrades to keep the integrity of the American justice system in line with our principles.

We’re currently seeking to raise funds so we can file the case and for printing costs to release our books.

We’re currently “gathering petition signatures“, finishing up our second two booksspreading the word about  This website is being updated daily as we’re transitioning to the next phase of our organization’s growth in broadcasting.

3 Very Important National Petitions:

  1. Petition #1:  If you’d like to create millions of jobs to paying people to plant “free food & herbal medicine everywhere” throughout towns & cities of all sizes, please sign the Petition to ENACT Civilian Restoration Corps.  You can also Download a PDF of This Petition to Gather Signatures in Your Area.  This will also be made possible thanks to Homesteading Starter Kits– which once designed, could become federally-funded to get them out to people.  Sign the petition.

What We’re Doing:

  1. Helping to orchestrate “An En Masse Homesteading Movementvia assembling well-researched, beautifully-crafted Homesteading Starter Kits which contain “heirloom seeds with corresponding companion plantscoupled with easy-to-understand educational material regarding “efficient ways to grow them”.
  2. Building The Wild Living Skills Database & Smartphone App, which is being designed “to co-process the user’s GPS location, time of year, & elevation” so that anyone can identify any lichen, plant, moss, tree, alga, shrub & so on within only 3-5 questions.  Its also being designed to contain touch-&-view glossary terms with pictures, or rollover-&-view for desktop computers.  Once the user has identified the species, they can watch firsthand video footage with experts to learn step-by-step the traditional edible, medicinal, & utility uses for that species (if any).  The page is also being designed to teach “Positive-Impact Harvesting Techniques” for each species to teach people to benefit the ecosystem by way of harvest rather than causing detriment. 

About Wild Willpower

We’re “A Peaceable Assembly of Civilians” teamed up with America’s First “Civil PAC“- doing “First Amendment Activities” (see below) to help all people, without prejudice.

We’re a We-The-People-movement focused on building a bridge to help society transition from “an ecologically-destructive, socially unjust way of living” to “a sustainable, highly-abundant way of living”.

We’ve developed petitions, new technology, & several original books and websites designed to compliment the movement in a way which will streamline The United States from a service-based economy with a lagging GDP to a production-based economy with profits “which wellspring back into the common good” both economically and ecologically.

Get Involved

After reading through the websites thoroughly, please email us at & tell us about yourself- where you come from- your moral principles- what role you could see yourself fulfilling.


  • “printing & binding books, pamphlets, & homesteading starter kits”
  • “researching & writing articles &/or editing to improve webpages in context with the movement for our websites & via magazines, newspapers, & other media outlets”
  • “accepting video assignments, then collaborating with Wild Willpower in order to broadcast via the websites & in public forums in context with the movement”
  • “helping with outreach & fundraising activities, organizing forums”
  • “helping to sponsor the movement via monthly contributions”

    Please consider offering a campaign contribution or becoming a monthly sponsor by emailing

Buckey livingry

A very special thank you to for assembling the above commemorative graphic of Buckminster Fuller that we’re using under Fair Use to help convey our “internationally-beneficial national plan”., & all our project websites, publications, broadcasts, & native seed packets, are being peaceably assembled as modes of First Amendment expression All content throughout these sites (except are solely owned by Wild Willpower PAC.  The content throughout these sites is being made available for educational purposes to help provide people with vital knowledge among an important plan we believe in.  Everyone working to make Wild Willpower as good as it can be has a stake in making sure this ancient & sacred knowledge of all our ancestors is not being used in such a way which exploits people, animals, or natural resources, & we are seeking to work in collaboration with teachers & developers in a way which serves them as well as the public as best possible- that is why your support is so important– so we can take care of those who are working diligently to bring Wild Willpower to your life.


Wild Willpower

Nelson Mandela make others free  Thank you for sharing this exceptional commemorative quote by Nelson Mandela that we’re utilizing thanks to Fair Use!


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