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We’re in the process of producing some very important publications to help humanity- we’ve recently finished this first publication, & we’re currently fundraising to get this printed and to print our upcoming publications that are already well in-the-making.

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Upcoming Publications:

American Destiny; The People v. The 50 States”; a user-friendly “history & law almanac” which covers “the birth of the economic system” from its archaeological origins all the way “through the birth of America to modern day”.  People of all cultures are going to absolutely love this useful book!  A real treasure in-the-making.(Autumn 2016)


“New American Homesteading; How To Lawfully Claim An Abandoned Property for the Sake of Homesteading”


Campaign Contributions are much appreciated, & help us to continue progressing the plan:.  Once our books are published, we plan to send an autographed copy to everyone who sends $40 or more to help move the campaign forward.  Records are kept & books will be sent out as soon as we can afford.  You won’t be disappointed!


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www.TribalLivingSpaces.orgOur long-term plan to acquire “Tribal Living Spaces & Native Animal Sanctuaries- Merged” for people to have the option to get involved with & help be a part of.

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