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A Plan to Aid Humanity

      To simplify this plan so its easier to grasp, its been divided into four websites- including this one.  There’s a one-paragraph summary of each site below, & a tour of each on their front pages.  Below the summaries is a link to our list of needed resources so that we can make this plan happen asap;  please don’t hesitate to ask questions or get involved;

Website # 1;

    Due to the record drought in California, the record number of wildfiresAND the water supply being cut off from the central valley crops, California needs to generate a drought-resillient food supply asap, &  Kern River Wildharvesting Cooperative (KRWC) has an ecologically-considerate plan (see Positive-Impact Harvesting Techniquesthat will provide a great deal of food using public wildlandswildfire prevention techniques, & industrial equipment.  KRWC is about to do something that has never been done before that has the potential to be replicated all across the nation AND beyond- & job applications are now being accepted on the website.  Employees will all be equipped with Lonewolf’s Survival Kit (among other products) because everything in it is top-of-the-line, economically-priced, & endorsed by the teacher who taught these skills to KRWC’s founder AND who will also be helping to train the team.  

Website # 2;

   Kern River Wildharvesting Cooperative wouldn’t be possible without Wilderness Survival & Native Plant Uses Expert Richard Lonewolf; he’s gruff, honest, knowledgable, kind-hearted, has accumulated a vast skill set AND some very serious credentials to back them up!  Neither nor our project websites would exist without the life’s work & teaching ability of Richard Lonewolf; please support these are vital skills, & to learn with such a unique teacher can be considered a great achievement among anyone’s life- unforgettable.  Wild Willpower (tax-deductible) is currently seeking donations to help hire Lonewolf (among others TBA) to help teach Kern River Wildharvesting Cooperative’s team members, film the process, & embed it throughout The Wild Living Skills Database & Smartphone App in-the-making on:

Website # 3;

   Wild Willpower’s team is planning to film Lonewolf as he teaches KRWC, & we’re going to do the best job possible at this because we *hope* that this will be only the first of several teachers & wildharvesting cooperatives we get to do this with- mycologists, lichen specialists, Native American teachers, & other specialists.  For several years, Wild Willpower’s founder- Alexandra “Distance Everheart” Wilson- has been documenting Lonewolf’s skills- & also alongside Bill Hill,  co-founder & longtime president of The Calfornia Lichen Society,- & organized what she’s been learning throughout alongside a plan to craft the site into a state-of-the-art website & smartphone app

Website # 4; (this site):

    The purpose of this site is to help everyone throughout the planet see what we’re doing, because we know that this simple plan can help so many.  Wild Willpower seeks to help finance the further construction of all our project websites & to fundraise in order to compensate the teachers & tech crew who will make all this possible.  We are a tax-deductible organization, & we believe the words of Upton Sinclaire when he said, “It is better to educate than to alienate, & it is better to feed than to fight.”  We are currently seeking a car to be donated to Cold War & Vietnam War Era Veteran & Traditional Healer Richard Lonewolf & his children as an absolute need of the family.  He’s getting his business license after the first of the month now that is together as of October 18th, 2014.  Please contact if you would like to help.  Until then, Distance is currently stabilizing, developing his new book, sending letters to organizations & individuals seeking aid, staying alive, & seeking volunteers

Thank you for your support, & please let us know if we can help you or if you would like to get involved- we can use all the help we can get & we hope all this is helpful to you.

 If you would care to make a heartfelt, tax-deductible donation to help us co-create these projects, please visit our list of needed resources page.

     Unrelated to the above plan- yet relating to Wild Willpower’s guiding principles & further aspirations- below is a new film by Distance, which combines all the footage available online of renown San Jose State University Environmental Studies Professor Frank Schiavo (1939-2010), & shows “the continuation” of his  mission in her life after having learned from & assisted him during the last 4 years of his life.  The hour & twenty minute long film also introduces topics being addressed throughout the development of this site must remain on hold however until after we are able to help get Lonewolf up & running & connected with the world.  One more interesting fact about the video below- there’s a part of the film where Distance shows the officers a “California State Law”; Frank taught about California Supreme Court Pruneyard Shopping Center v. Robins just before he passed away.  That’s relevant to the story & should have been included in the film- but there’s a technological hurdle occurring regarding the footage. Enjoy the film!

   Wild Willpower is a peaceable assembly.

Beautiful Things!

  Video from “Samaritans of the U.S.A.” under the Very Special Thanks section of this website:


   Here’s the video that Kevin Byrd & Distance put together for our “Wildharvesting Cooperatives Across America!” Indiegogo Campaign  earlier this year (2104).  Unfortunately, the campaign was interrupted, so we our plan has not yet been able to move forward:

   As mentioned just above- the campaign was interrupted;  the following video shows one of two videos where Grass Valley, California police cited Distance with “Panhandling” & “Soliciting” for using The First Amendment to promote the national plan here on  She edited the following footage she filmed with the officers & inserted United States Code where it had been violated by the officers for use in a pre-trial “Pack the Courtroom!” documentary, & then formed a more finalized version of this video that was uploaded on 9-19-14, seen here:

The above video can also be seen on

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