City of Grass Valley Squelches Alexandra “Distance” Wilson’s First Amendment Right using Illegal “Panhandling” Charge; Footage Below! Trial Wed 10:00 a.m. Pack the Courtroom!

Wild Willpower’s original, Alexandra "Distance Everheart" Wilson- is being taken to court at the Nevada County Courthouse at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday July 23rd for holding this sign as a way to communicate with fellow civilians near the Highway 49 offramp in Grass Valley, California on both May 19th and May 21st:

Cardboard Sign 12 Years Hitching USA

   Two Police Officers and one Chief of Police of Grass Valley believe she was "panhandling"; she claims her First, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendments were violated.  She has been adamantly studying how to defend herself in court that day and preparing her counter-case.  She is building a webpage with plans to "drop the webpage into evidence" during the procedure; you can view her unique courtroom plan and watch the footage here:


 Weigh in on the Evidence Yourself Here

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Wild Willpower JUST launched our years-in-the-making "Wildharvesting Cooperatives Across America!" IndieGogo Campaign on May 23rd!  This explains the purpose of WIld Willpower, what we have to offer, & a clear, necessary, & practical plan for economic recovery in the United States.  Also explains a new piece of technology we’re now unveiling.

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"Wildharvesting Cooperatives Across America" 2014 IndieGogo Campaign!

Founder Alexandra "Distance Everheart" Wilson has been street performing for 12 years while hitchhiking the U.S.A. & documenting to bring Wild Willpower to help bring Wild Willpower to you!