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Author & Cherokee Elder Richard Lonewolf (www.RichardLonewolf.com) is a Vietnam & Cold War Era U.S Army veteran who taught military units on applied ethnobotany (“edible, utility, & medicinal uses of plants & trees“) & wilderness survival for over 40 years.  Now, he’s disabled (past, military-related injuries) & not receiving due military benefits yetWild Willpower PAC has found him a team of lawyers who is working the case, however as for now he is coming to The San Francisco Bay Area for the first time to bring vital knowledge to people who otherwise may have never had access to this kind of knowledge OR had a firsthand opportunity to become directly involved for that matter!  All proceeds help get his new book to the printers while also providing his family some much-needed income to survive while the “missing” benefits still aren’t coming through.

Come show support AND learn very important knowledgeproceeds also kickstart his new sole-proprietorship, Richard Lonewolf Survival Schooland help WIld Willpower’s team to co-embirth “Civilian Restoration Corps“: “paying people to plant drought-tolerant native food gardens publicly everywhere (topsoil, native seed packets, & education provided).  The “Outgrow The Economy!” Campaign AND The “Wildharvesting Cooperatives Across America!” Campaign will put $$$$ into the pockets of people who need it, who in turn will be able to afford to support businesses.  It will also increase food security in case of disaster or war AND help fix the infrastructure, improving the lives of people of all income levels everforth.

Wild Willpower is seeking to help raise seed funding for Richard Lonewolf Survival School; any $$$$ gifted to Wild Willpower PAC “as a form of expression” will in turn be gifted “as a form of expression” (“gratitude”, “appreciation”, “sign of good faith”, “love”, “well wishing”, & so on) tLonewolf to help start up the new school so that it may flourish & continue educating people for generations to come WITH the aid of some new technology AND the help of America’s FIRST “Civil PAC”; welcome to the team!

We’ll be gathering on Sunday, March 29th for a surprise public event at Golden Gate Park in San FranciscoCaliforniaU.S.A. at 10 a.m. across from the WHole Foods on Stanyon & Haight Street; come join us for a “tour” of many hand-crafted, traditionally-made “art of facts” (Ha ha!!!  Its an “artifacts” joke!) AND a “plant walk” where Lonewolf rattles off about 5-20 uses for nearly every plant & tree in the park (& growing up from between the sidewalks!).

All the hippies, punks, hackers, & street kids– whoever– “people”– who are hanging out in the park are likely going to be thrilled when this surprise visit from these special teachers happens while offering an inclusive event AND bringing very good news to everyone.  This special fundraising event will be televised event will be broadcast here.

What to bring:

Please bring any amount of donation to wish our hero well so we can create an amazing & strong future of his school AND for humanity; wilderness survival manualsDVDs, & new book pre-orders (getting them printed this week so pre-orders aid with printing costs & we’ll get it to you within the week) will also be available!  Bringing antlers, feathers, tobacco, or other ancient offerings are also very appropriate!  We hope to see your there & we look forward to meeting you.  Please take a few minutes to let others know- it helps a lot!  

A Letter from Lonewolf to the World

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    Any fan of the outdoors will love this new, highly-informative, all-ages ethnobotany & wild living skills textbook.  Co-authored by Ethnobotany, Wilderness Survival, & Ancient Tribal Living Skills Experts Richard Lonewolf & Distance Everheart“MORE VALUABLE THAN GOLD” features over 160 pages and over 225 vibrant color photos explaining step-by-step “how to process wild plants & trees for their edible, utility, traditional medicinal uses”.  This is most in-depth book we’ve seen on Native American wild living skills (many tribes), & it can certainly help improve the quality of life for anyone living in North America.  No hype: get dialed into your ecosystem:

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