California’s New “Drought-Tolerant Plan” Prevents Wildfires, Improves the Food Supply, Revitalizes the Economy, & Will Save Lives:

Why this is an Emergency (don’t panic– we have a great plan!):

Part 1:  “Weathering the Drought” begins with generating “a Drought-Tolerant Food Supply”:

1.)  Commission Vietnam & Cold War Era U.S. Army Veteran Richard Lonewolffounder & CEO of Richard Lonewolf Survival School& his assistants to train “the nation’s first wildharvesting cooperative”, Kern River Wildharvesting Cooperative, how to set up camp using encampment preparation wildfire prevention techniques” & many ancient and emergency wilderness survival skills among The Sequoia National Forest so that the team will have ecologically-compatible dwellings & fire-safe space to use throughout the harvest seasons & so  they’ll know a wide variety of skills to make their stays comfortable & enjoyable– of course this process of ” gearing up & training the team ” will be filmed for “edutainment” purposes & broadcast throughout our sites & future publications.
2.)  Next, the team will learn to use ecologically-restorative harvesting techniques for each species of plant & tree they’ll be interacting with; certain industrial equipment will enable the team to generate a large enough food supply to make a difference & help the local community, for starterssome products we’ll be re-introducing to the area include:
 Acorn flour & oil;  Oaks produce approximately 4.5 tons of acorns per acre, & are a complete protein by themselves– they contain all 9 essential amino acids!  Acorns also contain calcium & potassium, & the oil that they produce is very tasty.  Its thick like coconut oil but more buttery!  We’ll leave about 1/3 of the acorns under each tree & help scatter some to get them into the sunlight in order to leave enough for wildlife and plant more.  Here are 4 of 6 pages about Oaks & acorns from Wild Willpower & Richard Lonewolf Survival School‘s new “ethnobotany & wild living skills textbook”, produced by Wild Willpower, called “More Valuable Than Gold; Edible, Utility, & Medicinal Uses of Wild North American Plants, Shrubs, Trees, & Vines– & Other Wild Living Skills“:

Oak ad pages

Oak ad pages 2

Buckeye nut flour4.4 tons of nuts are produced per acre, which produce a starchy flour similar to potato flour; we’ll leave about 1/4 of the nuts behind & also spread some of them to more ideal spots as we go; buckeyes tend to be very hardy & seem to want to take root especially on hillsides.  Here’s 2 of 6 pages on Buckeye trees from “More Valuable Than Gold…“:

Buckeye ad pages

Pine nuts & oil; currently shipped in from China & Russia in U.S. markets although they grow coast-to-coast in the U.S., which has better human rights laws & conditions than either of those countries; again, we’ll be sensitive to leave a 1/3 of the big Grey Pine cones behind to make sure our little critter friends get plenty to eat!  Remember, we’re just doing what has been done here on these lands for thousands of years, so it is important to see we are helping the forest by tending it rather than causing detriment & wildfire hazard as not performing traditional wildharvests has done; we’re re-introducing the balance.
Pine pollen; 30% its weight in protein AND an wide array of minerals & nutrients!  We’ll only be able to reach the lower pine branches, so there will be PLENTY of pollen still “floating around” from all of the ones we can’t reach (most of them).
Red desert ricegrows in every contiguous state from Colorado west— rice that doesn’t require a bunch of water to grow!?  What a “save the world food”!!!  Grows in all contiguous states west of Colorado!  Amazing!!  We’ll spread plenty as we harvestAND we’ll also save seeds to put into the “native seed packets” to make available to The People:

red desert rice

Golden chia seeds; more protein & omega-3 than salmon AND grows all over the mountainsides among 7 U.S. states!  We’ll spread many of the seeds as we have & also we’ll be putting together “native seed packets” to offer to help people everywhere plant climate-compatible, useful plants using “very little water, very little work” to get their garden going.

Richard Lonewolf on Golden Chia Seeds:

Sycamore syrup; similar to maple syrup, but tastes more like butterscotch & honey.  Just like Maple syrup, Sycamores make yummy syrup without even harming the tree.  Its like “the west coast syrup”, yo!
much much more!

A Brief Inter-Mission:

The above pages from More Valuable Than Gold… are being made possible thanks to the alliance between Richard Lonewolf Survival School & Wild Willpower PACmuch more will be made available in the future as things progress; More Valuable… will also be able to be “unlocked” from inside “The Wild Living Skills Database & Smartphone Appsupporting Wild Willpower IS supporting the school in a way which “gives” to the school AND *gives* to the public.  Purchasing publications that are “peaceably assembled as a mode of First Amendment expression” by Wild Willpower enables “our growing team” to keep developing all the projects described throughout this site.

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“California’s Drought-Tolerant Plan” continues belowclick the book cover below to pre-order your copy & simultaneously support “the plan”:

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Now About That Drought…

3.)  The process of “forming, registering, & maintaining a wildharvesting cooperative” as well as the process of Richard Lonewolf Survival School ( helping to gear up AND train Kern River Wildharvesting Cooperative ( will be well-documented & then embedded throughout a new piece of technology AND throughout all the websites we’ve been “peaceably assembling so that “Wildharvesting Cooperatives” may begin cropping up all throughout the nation & replicating our efforts here in the Kern River Valley to help kickstart the birth of The “Wildharvesting Cooperatives Across America!” Movement; the new piece of technology is called

The Wild Living Skills Database & Smartphone App!

This “database & app” is being designed to co-process the user’s GPS, time-of-year, & elevation so anyone can identify nearly any biological organism on the planet tothespecies (i.e. plantshrubtree, moss, mushroomlichen, grass, alga, mold, etc.) in only about 5 simple question

Discover the Forest ad

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Okay, So I’ve Identified This Tree; Now What?!

Once a species has been identified, you’l be able to learn from books AND firsthand video footage of Tribal Experts showing & explaining step-by-step “how to process plants & trees step-by-step for their edible, utility, & medicinal uses(well-paid experts, sponsored  footage), as well as any federally-recognized Positive-Impact Harvesting Techniques” that may be associated with that species.  There are many other ancient, highly-energy-efficient skills being mapped throughout as well.

Here’s a scene from The Forgotten Abundance of America’s Wildlands“, the new “DVD & Field Guide” released by Richard Lonewolf Survival School & Wild Willpower earlier last year; a primer for the upcoming high-quality DVD series:

If you’d like to help make the new educational DVD series starring Richard Lonewolf come trueplease donate via PayPal “as a form of expression” to Wild Willpower PAC at or purchase your copy of The Forgotten Abundance of America’s Wildlands; Lonewolf has agreed to donate 1/2 hour of each hour & a half DVD to be embedded for free throughout the publicly-accessible “Wild Living Skills Database & Smartphone”, in-the-making on WildLivingSkills.orgsupporters, expect kickbacks

The Plan Continues:

4.)  After the training, Kern River Wildharvesting Cooperative will have the skills necessary to be able to continue bringing a wide variety of drought-tolerant native foods & herbal medicines” to markets & farmer’s markets (bulk sections & planet considerate packaging only) while expending very little energy & using very little water in the process for years to come! Wildharvesters will also be creating “drought-tolerant native seeds packets” which will be made available especially to Civilian Restoration Co., who bring topsoil & native seed packets to cities so that jobless people can get paid to plant “drought-tolerant native food & herbal medicine gardens” throughout California towns & cities of all sizes.

Part 2:  An “Environmental Plan” Even Cattle Ranchers Can Get Behind:

Are you a cattle rancher with a knack for doing things “a little bit differently than the rest of the herd”?

Wild Willpower is looking for a few brave “neighboring cattle ranchers” who want to “co-contract with each other” in order to take down your fences & get paid to help bring the  (drought-tolerant) Tule Elk back to the Kern River Valley!  Remember, the federal government offers federal tax credits to help bring “significant income tax savings” in support of “energy-efficient plans” AND of course Wild Willpower wants to document the whole process to help make you famous for all the right reasons AND to help others interested to “learn the process & join the movement”.

Other Recent National “Native Animal Recovery Projects” Currently Happening Around the Nation include:

Historic Treaty Signed by Tribes & First Nations Along U.S. & Canada Border to Bring 6.3 Million Acres of Roaming Lands for The Return of the Buffalo

A Major Win for Trumpeter Swans in Minnesota

Elk Returning to Wisconsin After 100 Years!

Here’s Tule Elk; California’s Legacy of the Wilderness thanks to supporters of The National Park Service; Tule Elk could very potentially be transferred from Tule Elk State National Reserve in cooperation with California Department of Parks & Recreation:

If you’re a rancher & you & your neighbors are interested & want to talk logistics, please contact or 415-798-7457.

Part 3:  Warka Water: 20 gallons of water per day– out of thin air!!

Warka QWater

This 33 foot tower contains no moving parts & brings an average of 20 gallons of clean, drinkable water right out of the air per day!  Pending necessary startup supplies & a home base for Wild Willpower PAC to operate from here in the Kern River Valley (we’re seeking to have a home provided for us so we may continue our work=– please contact 415-798-7457 if you’d like to support the cause in this way), we’ll be crafting our first Warka Water tower using non-leaching nylon mesh to test out this “drought-tolerant solution” here in the high deserts where the miraculous Mojave Desert merges with the Sequoia Forest.

Please Support the Cause:

The Kern River Valley has the ability to provide a drought-tolerant food supply for ourselves without displacing wildlife AND while supporting native teachers in the same move;  we’re about to model what an ecologicallybeneficial productionbased economy looks like in a way that does not detract, but only adds to all the beauty & bounty the people of Kern already have to offer!

If you’d like to help make history with us in this way, please contact; you may also offer donations via PayPal by donating to  We have currently raised $1050 of our $2500 goal to get this process started.  Thank you so much for getting involved with Wild Willpower.

This plan averts disaster AND:

  • California taxpayers will save millions of dollars each year in wildfire-fighting expenses because “Wildharvesting Cooperatives” will be using “Encampment Preparation Wildfire-Prevention Techniques” prior to each harvest season.
  • the “loss of firefighting jobs” will be replaced with productionbased “Wildharvesting Jobs“, which will generate revenue for the State instead of creating expenses!
  • models a plan which may be replicated to develop “publicly-beneficial”, “tribally, ecologically, & socially-respective” economies nearly anywhere.

Help Promote The Campaign:

This plan begins by getting vital knowledge & “the plan itself” out to as many people as possible for both public safety AND survival purposes; we must use “the system & tools we have in place” to streamline it & make it accessible to everyone so that society won’t be forced to enter into “emergency survival mode” because we weren’t prepared and so that we don’t violate copyright laws in the process of getting this knowledge out there.

First, the fastest & most effective way to make this happen ASAP is to

Contact Your Local Representative

via both phone AND email, & tell them:

Provide funding for The “Wildharvesting Cooperatives Across America!” Campaign as seen on ASAP; this is a survival AND public safety issue.

We’ve also assembled the following PDF handout to help get the word out; please print off copies & hand them out to people so we can get the funding necessary to begin ASAP:

Download the 8 1/2″ x 11″ Wildharvesting Campaign Handout

We need a grand total of $440,000 in order to make everything described above begin happening immediately.  

There are many ways besides donating to

Get Involved to Help Make This Happen.


was built for U.S. Army Vietnam & Cold War Era Veteran Richard Lonewolf by a longtime student of his who also photographed, co-authored, & published their new book; she’s the “Campaign Organizer” of WIld Willpower PAC, Alexandra “Distance Everheart” Wilson.

A Letter from Richard Lonewolf to the World.



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Source LYNX graphic

Acorns & buckeye nuts; 4.4 tones per acre fromt he Ohlone nationa gov’t website:
Nutritional value of acorn flour:

Also Available from Wild Willpower:

Any fan of the outdoors will love this new, highly-informative, all-ages ethnobotany & wild living skills textbook.  Co-authored by Ethnobotany, Wilderness Survival, & Ancient Tribal Living Skills Experts Richard Lonewolf & Distance Everheart“MORE VALUABLE THAN GOLD” features over 160 pages and over 225 vibrant color photos explaining step-by-step “how to process wild plants & trees for their edible, utility, traditional medicinal uses”.  This is most in-depth book we’ve seen on Native American wild living skills (many tribes), & it can certainly help improve the quality of life for anyone living in North America.  No hype: get dialed into your ecosystem:

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