An Unprecedented Plan, and the New Technology Which Makes This Possible

Part 1:  Getting Vital, Ancient Knowledge Back to the People, & Supporting Those Who Are Making This Possible:

First off- in case you don’t realize this yet– here in The United States of America we’re surrounded by a great abundance of wild food and herbal medicine that is literally dripping from the plants and trees all throughout National Forests, National Parks, National Seashores, Wildlife Preserves, State Parks, BLM Lands, Recreational Parks, Regional Parks, backyardsand growing up from between sidewalk cracks all throughout the nation- millions & millions and millions of acres of food & herbal medicine THAT– if harvested in an ecologically-restorative way— will greatly not only alleviate resource scarcity throughout this nation, but also the entire world.

Also, native seed packets, used in addition to ancient gardening techniques, can be used  alongsidewildharvesting what is already growing” in order to garner great abundance for society within only a few short years.  That means– “Less work.  Less water.  More food”– AND jobs that  will pay people to plant “free food & herbal medicine gardens everywhere” as we restore native ecosystems in the process.

Our organization, Wild Willpower, is in the process of modeling how this can all be done using the societal construct we have in place– stay tuned for plenty of new footage and additional publications which are currently in-the-making!

We’re located at The Church of Ecological Recovery in Lake Isabella, California, where we’re integrating “ancient knowledge” alongside the power of both industrial and technological solutions with the help of Native American teachers who are on a mission with us to help people everywhereDid we mention we love you?

Part 2: Projects We’re Working On, & How They Collectively Fit Into “The Plan”:

More Valuable Than Gold:

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Part 3: Upcoming Developments:

Part 4: Wanna Get Involved?

Lastly, there’s only one way to make all this happen, & is with some good old-fashioned grassroots effort from people who believe in this mission as much as we do.  As our organization continues forward, we’d like to see more teachers,  web developers, & production crews get involved with becoming this movement so we can begin to broadcast from all around the world.  Within a few short years, The Wild Living Skills Database & Smartphone App should be able to be used by people all over the planet so we can quickly  solve resource issues around the world, beginning with local communities. That’s our will for humanity, & this is a movement that is going to require

Wild Willpower.

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Bodfish, California 93205, & all our project websites, publications, broadcasts, & native seed packets, are being peaceably assembled as modes of First Amendment expression All content throughout these sites (except are solely owned by Wild Willpower PAC.  The content throughout these sites is being made available for educational purposes to help provide people with vital knowledge among an important plan that we believe in.  Everyone working to make Wild Willpower as good as it can be has a stake in making sure this ancient & sacred knowledge of all our ancestors is not being used in such a way which exploits people, animals, or natural resources, & that this knowledge is being passed on in a way which honors and represents the teachers & developers as best we can, while also making sure that its being broadcast in the most publicly-beneficial way possible.  We are working diligently to provide a freedom-enabling gift for the world; not a corporate behemoth running on autopilot!  We’re building this for everybody because we believe in you & want the best for your family & everyone around you– our entire human family as well as all of naturekind.


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We’re currently in the process of developing The Wild Living Skills Database & Smartphone App:

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Upcoming Publications:

American Destiny; The People v. The 50 States”; a user-friendly handbook about “hidden secrets” of American & pre-American history, as well as the art of “Civil Rights Self-Defense” using the very powerful & oft-misunderstood American Federal Judiciary.  (1-1-16)

The Knowledge of Your Ancestors; Edible, Medicinal, & Utility Uses of Wild North American Plants, Shrubs, Trees, Vines, & Other Wild Living Skills“; the highly-informative sequel to More Valuable Than Gold.  (Spring 2016)

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