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Freedom, Meet Abundance


 New Technology to help Streamline an Unprecedented, Naturally Abundant National Plan:

  The construct on is being developed into a simple-to-use, highly-advanced website & smartphone app that will help people:

1.) identify biological organisms (plants, shrubs, trees, lichensmushrooms, grasses, & more) quicker than ever within only ~5  simple questions (by co-processing the user’s GPS, time-of-year, & elevation).  Touch-&-view glossary terms with pictures will greatly expedite & simplify the species identification process compared to books as well.  (Desktop computers will feature rollover-&-view glossary terms with pictures.)

2.) learn step-by-step instructions with photographs for processing each species for their traditional food, utility, & medicinal uses (Native American skills, generally), as well as firsthand video footage with professionals- such as wilderness survival instructor Richard Lonewolf:

3.) learn ecologically-restorative “Positive-Impact Harvesting Techniques” for every species so that ecosystems see benefit rather than detriment as a result of harvesting.  Our goals include the legalization of these techniques for use throughout public wildlands, & to have them eventually seen as a universally-accepted, ecologically AND socially responsible way for accessing resources; no permits required.

4.) coordinate with forest officials in order to legally bring wildharvested goods from public wildlands to markets.  (Cooperative business models only.)

5.) learn a plethora of highly-efficient “wild living skills” used by Native American people for thousands of years.  Skills include extremely low-fuel “ancestral cooking techniques” (rock boilingsteam pits, keyhole lays, 3-rock techniques, +++), water location, recover, & purification, shelter building, wild animal communicationprocuring fallen animals, & animal-free alternatives (for vegans), & much more coming asap.  This tool can be seen as “the combined skills of all our ancestors”, which is why it will always remain free to users.  

6.) locate any of Wild Willpower’s Bright Green Sponsors that are nearby, & receive a discount or special offer that is only available via  (These can be found on the map on the front page of the site.)

7.) explore our GPS-responsive Resource Directory to find nearby Private Instructors, Biological Societies, Ecological Restoration & Recovery Projects, Conservation Groups, & Native American Nations.  (Add YOUR organization to the directory!)

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How Wild Willpower’s Growing Team Plans to Train & Prepare America’s First “Wildharvesting Cooperative”

   Wild Willpower’s founder, Distance Everheart, will help a group of people who truly cares about nature, people, animals, & our future to hand-craft outdoor gear that is hands down more comfortable, efficient, & versatile than any outdoor gear currently available on the market.  Here’s an initial tour of this very uniquely functional  gear:

This gear, coupled with professionally-endorsed camping equipment & Go Pro Camcorders for each team member (total cost $1000/person), will prepare everyone so that they’re ready to take instruction from Wilderness Survival Instructors Richard LonewolfRandall White FeatherDistance Everheart, & others (TBA) among the high deserts of the southern Sequoia National Forestjust north of the Mojave (National Preserve).

map of isabella

   Lake Isabella, California is 2 1/2 hours north of Los Angeles & 5 hours south of Sacramento, about 45 minutes northeast of Bakersfield along Highway 178.

Kern County is an ideal place to begin learning such skills & to model America’s first Wildharvesting Cooperative, because all 5 botanical regions in California merge there; there is also sandy ground so the roots dig up easy, short migration trails thanks to quick elevation changes, & the plants & trees are nicely spaced out from one another- so there is no need to “stay on the trail” like in overgrown forests.

(To learn more about wilderness survival, please view our original book & DVD publications.)

After filing a Special Use Permit with the Sequoia National Forest Service Officials requesting to legally set up camps using Encampment Preparation Wildfire Prevention Techniques, as well as a Special Forest Product Permit so that we may have permission to legally collect acorns, California buckeye nuts, pine nuts, pine & cattail pollen, red desert rice, golden chia seeds & flax seeds, yerba manza roots, elder flowers & berries, & more using Positive-Impact Harvesting Techniques (permits cost $20 for every 300 lbs. of raw material collected; 1/3 will be left for wildlife under each tree, & ceremonial trees will be planted in gratitude for the harvest), we would then like to process these goods right there in the wilderness & make them available at the local Nuui Cunni Farmers Market as well as to any Bright Green Sponsors that Wild Willpower may be so blessed to have by then.

All products will only be made available in bulk (preferably) or biodegradable packaging in support of The Zero-Trash Commitment in loving memory of the beloved SJSU Professor Frank Schiavo & for the sake of a better future:

Because the above process will be filmed & embedded throughout our websites (along with much more content as well), other communities will be able to replicate this within the coming years, & our intention is to connect more teachers with more Wildharvesting Cooperatives, & to make the process of doing all this as simple as possible for everyone through these sites.

Wild Willpower Needs Some Vital Resources So We Can Make This All Happen

In order to get as much product on the market at the most affordable price- & to save lots of time- Wild Willpower is currently seeking aid so that we may acquire everything on our list of needed resources.

 These resources include an industrial huller that separates nuts from their shells at 500 lbs./hour (manufactured in Chico, California), a high-powered grain mill (Pleasant Hill, California), & a professional-quality oil press (Bellingham, Washington) that will primarily be used for acorn & pine nut oil- but likely will have countless other applications as well.

 For the sake of efficiency, safety, & comfort, we would like to acquire a bus where the industrial equipment can be operated from, & where from where the technology can be kept safe & video footage can be edited & uploaded.

Big Fiscal Impact, with Freedom Intact

Wild Willpower will be ready to begin modeling America’s first Wildharvesting Cooperative as soon as we get the equipment.  Because wildharvesting requires little planting, watering, or weeding compared to permaculture, & no pesticides, fungicides, or fertilizers like with industrial agriculture, in only a few short years the United States could be on track to exhibiting a lasting, production-based economy that actually restores & revitalizes native ecosystems within its wake!


Special thanks to Starfish Intitiatives for the beautiful above graphic!

  This model for acquiring resources for the marketplaces also honours the personal rights of individuals (& peaceable assemblies!) to harvest noncommercially while safeguarding against the exploitation of ecosystems by both individuals & companies.

The Wildharvesting Cooperative business model is one of egalitarianism, & is designed with “greatest public benefit” at it’s core; the model in no way leaves room for the possibility of an oligarchy to form amongst its structure.  CEOs in the United States earned an average of 354 times the average worker in 2013; the cooperative business model eliminates the need for a CEO, & thus that same money instead becomes equilaterally distributed amongst the employees- this helps entire communities to prosper!

Peaceable Assemblies are noncommercial factions of individuals, with Constitutional rights, privileges & immunities assumed; peaceable assemblies do not operate under the Uniform Commercial Code, & thus cannot legally be governed under Admiralty Law.  Another benefit of forming a Peaceable Assembly is that they are untaxable organizations under The First Amendment1976 Supreme Court ruling, Buckley v. Valeo, where it was officially ruled that “giving money- when used for political reasons- is a form of political expression that is protected under The First Amendment“.

kennedy quote

Thank you dearly, Red vs. Blue, for this wonderful commemorative graphic!

More About Coordinating with National Forest Service Officials using

   There will soon be a user name & password that will be required to fill out when using that will require a Terms & Conditions Agreement to be agreed to before being allowed into the site.  This will ensure that anyone using the site will be agreeing to “only offer products in bulk or planet-considerate packaging in support of The Zero-Trash Commitment“, “give reference to”, “promote & promise to use Positive-Impact Harvesting Techniques whenever harvesting”, & “only cooperative business models are allowed by users of this site if offering products commercially”).

     Encampment Preparation Wildfire Prevention Techniques & Positive-Impact Harvesting Techniques help forest officials, Wildharvesting Cooperative employees, & community members to all “get on the same page” about “what’s happening out there in those woods!

   With the aid of industrial hullers, grain mills, oil presses, & other modern amenities, our nation will soon produce an abundant, drought-resistent & healthy food supply, AND provide millions of healthy outdoor jobs.  Please help Wild Willpower acquire our list of needed resources so that we can get all this happening asap.  Please send tax-deductible donations to via PayPal & thank you so much for helping with our much-needed aid!

This tour continues on the front page of

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Special Thanks to The Following for their Academic Contributions:

Starfish Initiatives on Buckminster Fuller quote:

Red vs. Blue on John F. Kennedy quote: & our project websites are “peaceable assemblies of information (etc.)” that have been “peaceably assembled” by a “peaceable assembly of civilians”, & all donations are tax-deductible as protected under The First Amendment & Buckley v. Valeo.

Beautiful Things!

Above:  Video from “Samaritans of the U.S.A.” under the Very Special Thanks section of this website.


   Below are several more videos, with links to their respective sections that help bring them into context.  Wild Willpower umbrellas several topics with a unique, hopeful, & strategic set of plans to enable a better future for everyone.  There’s no bureaucracy or red tape- just people helping people.

Above:  Tsalagi Native American ancestral wilderness life skills instructor Richard Lonewolf sharing his 60th birthday wish with humanity from our List of Needed Resources section.


   Here’s the video that Kevin Byrd & Distance for our “Wildharvesting Cooperatives Across America!” Indiegogo Campaign we put together earlier this year.  Unfortunately, the campaign was interrupted, so we our plan has not yet been able to move forward:

   Contact if you would like to help us acquire anything from of our list of needed resources of if you would like to join Wild Willpower’s efforts (graphic design, video editing, sewing, applying for grants, all skills can be taught to willing people).


   Below is a video of Distance Everheart teaching Positive-Impact Harvesting Techniques for Stinging Nettles {Urtica dioca}:


   The following video explains a bit more about “Civil Rights Self-Defense” from  this video is showing people who to peaceably & legally get paid to overturn unconstitutional ordinances using the legal system as designed.  This video is one of two videos where local police cited Distance with “Panhandling” & “Soliciting” for utilizing The First Amendment to tell people about  She edited the following footage she filmed with the officers & inserted United States Code where it had been violated by the officers for use in a pre-trial “Pack the Courtroom!” documentary:

Contact to join forces or help support the cause.  Thank you!


   …& lastly, for now, here is the “Campaign Primer” video that Kevin & Distance put together prior to the Wildharvesting Cooperatives Across America Indiegogo Campaign that launched on May 23rd, but was interrupted twice by Grass Valley, California police:

Thanks so much for helping to support Wild Willpower!